Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week 2: Finishing pies and yeast doughs

So, last week finished up pie week. The blueberry pie I thought I was making turned out to be a pecan pie...I was a little disappointed about the change, but I learned how to do the top weaving crust while half of the class was making them, and am planning on making a blueberry pie this weekend. For practice, of course. ;-)

Here is my lovely pecan pie! I could seriously make pie crust all day...there is something so therapeutic about rolling out pie dough and crimping it into the pan...nice and relaxing! My favorite is making the dough by hand, and mushing up all the butter into the flour...

We still haven't baked off any of our bread. I have no idea really how I did with the bread making. I may potentially have the opportunity to make some pizza dough this weekend, but that won't be that difficult. I'd like some more practice making loaves of bread though. It's really hard to practice in a cold apartment. 

The pizza dough I made in class, however, made some killer pizzas! The dough was perfect really. Just as good as the dough I pick up from Wegmans all the time! ;-)

I'm looking forward to practicing what I learn in class any opportunity I get. The kitchen is pretty crowded and continues to be chaotic. My hyper attitude is not conducive for all the waiting around and sharing I have to do- ha! I'm trying my best to stay patient- I'm still enjoying the opportunity to practice what I can and ask good questions. Only 2 and a half more weeks of the intro class, then we're on to the intermediate baking portion of the semester! I can say though that the more I'm in the kitchen, the more I can really see myself doing this day in and out.

Halfway through the baking week! Can't wait to do some solid sleeping this weekend! And baking, of course!

Peace out! Go eat something yummy!

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