Thursday, November 29, 2012

A week later and still giving thanks....

Thanksgiving was relatively quite, baking wise. Just whipped up some things I have been practicing- apple pie and a pumpkin roll, along with the usual Thanksgiving suspects, my cute little turkey pop dudes! They are one of my favorite pops to make!

I used chocolate candy wafers this time around from the bulk section of Wegmans, and it was seriously perfect. Covered the cake pops and hardened so much nicer than any Merkens or Wilton brand I usually used. Wish Wegmans carried a larger variety of colors- may need to inquire where they get them from!

I hope everyone is continuing to give thanks for all the wonderful things in their lives, especially in lieu of the holiday season! So much to be thankful for (and a good reason to celebrate with sweets)!

Christmas cookie baking, here I come! 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pumpkin Time!

Pumpkin + Autumn = Easily my most favorite time of year!

For quite awhile now, I've been wanting to try out making a pumpkin roll. I was really surprised at how easy it was!

Less of a surprise was how delicious it turned out. =) I went with the Taste of Home Pumpkin Cake Roll recipe, and was not disappointed.

Swirly looking desserts are so fun. <3

Also used a new recipe this year to make some pumpkin bread. It was pretty much pumpkin pie, in bread form. Major yum attack!

I really can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! Looking forward to my favorite pumpkin dessert, pumpkin pie, then on to Christmas COOKIES!!!! Can't wait!

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving is filled with wonderful, pumpkiny sweets!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mommy Cookies!

Two years ago (to yesterday's date) was my first major cookie making extravaganza, making wedding cookies for a couple of muffins very near and dear to my heart! It was a very exciting time for me, as this was the first time I was really using my brand new PINK KitchenAid mixer, which, at the time, I had no idea how much would completely change my life.

As this year approached, I am happy to be able to make what I'm calling "Mommy Cookies" in this blog post (as opposed to the Lactation Cookies they are being referred to here), for my same special muffins, for the sake of their new baby girl "mini muffin" addition in the family! 

Here's the story with these cookies- they are basically packed with all sorts of nutritional goodness, along with some sweet yummy touches, that helps a breastfeeding momma with milk production. Testimonies on the internet say it really makes a difference, in addition to some first hand stories I get to hear myself! And it makes for a full, well fed baby!

The best part is, these cookies just ain't for mommies! Which is totally awesome, because they taste super yummy and are a fun alternative to a regular chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal cookie.......because it's everything rolled into one! Everyone else just doesn't reap the benefits that momma and baby get....  ;-)

If you've got a new mom in your life, whip up a batch of these cookies for her! She will be sure to be super appreciative! No time to get these in the oven? I'd be happy to package these up for you myself!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

25th Anniversary Cassata Cake

Today was a whirl wind of a day. Even with the extra hour, I have no idea where the time went. Lucky, it ended on a good note....

....with this cassata cake I made for a 25th anniversary party!

Simple and sweet!

Luckily, I have a bunch of buttercream left over to practice some cake pipping with. Just one of the many things on the baking to-do list....

Now on to Thanksgiving preparations. Many exciting things on the back burner beyond that! Looking forward to an abundance of sweet, sweet baked goods!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Pool Party & Watermelon Cake Pops

I've been in denial about the weather getting colder. I'm pretty much feeling like I could use some Teddy Graham friends on the beach right now...

I did these cake pops for a summer work picnic this year. I'm trying to warm up while remembering the good times I had putting these together...

 Also tossed these watermelons into the mix. I made a white cake, dyed red, and added chocolate chips in there for the "seeds". I dipped them first in white (for the rind, or course!), then in green candy melts. 

 Next time I'm definitely adding watermelon flavoring to the candy melts. 

I'm really reaching for warm thoughts, aren't I? I'm looking for my gloves this weekend. Sigh. No matter what the season though, it all still tastes yummy!

Good luck staying warm!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November!

Happy November! 
If you are visiting my page for the first time, welcome, and thanks for checking out my sweet, yummy baked goods! 

Feel free to read through old posts, but most definitely check out all of my cake pop designs on the left side of this page or by clicking on the Cake Pops Design tab at the top of this page. In case you are very new to cake pops, a cake pop is crumbled up baked cake, mixed with frosting, rolled into shapes and dipped into melted candy. They are a perfect bite sized alternative to cakes or cupcakes, and better yet, they are usually a lot cuter! I'm constantly coming up with new ideas for events and holidays, so if there is something you would like to see, feel free to ask me about it! With the holidays approaching, a lot of new ideas and designs are coming that you may want to be a part of!

Please give at least a week's notice for holidays, and order soon, as I may fill up before the holidays are here!

Have fun picking out some sweet treats to try! Thanks again for reading my blog!