Friday, November 2, 2012

Pool Party & Watermelon Cake Pops

I've been in denial about the weather getting colder. I'm pretty much feeling like I could use some Teddy Graham friends on the beach right now...

I did these cake pops for a summer work picnic this year. I'm trying to warm up while remembering the good times I had putting these together...

 Also tossed these watermelons into the mix. I made a white cake, dyed red, and added chocolate chips in there for the "seeds". I dipped them first in white (for the rind, or course!), then in green candy melts. 

 Next time I'm definitely adding watermelon flavoring to the candy melts. 

I'm really reaching for warm thoughts, aren't I? I'm looking for my gloves this weekend. Sigh. No matter what the season though, it all still tastes yummy!

Good luck staying warm!


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