Monday, January 16, 2012

School starts tomorrow!

My first day of classes is tomorrow! I am both very excited but nervous as well. Not nervous about the course work or anything, just about having long, busy days. But I really, really want to do this, and I am grateful to be at a point in my life where I have the time and energy to do something like this. I'm hoping I get a lot out of these classes and that it's not a total bust.

This first semester I am taking two lecture classes- a sanitation class and a hospitality math class. The first part of the semester, my kitchen class is an Introduction to Baking class. After a few weeks of that, then an Intermediate Baking class starts, and the end of the semester finishes with (surprise, surprise!) an Advanced Baking class. I still really have no idea what all of this will consist of! I am of course excited about the cakes, pastries and cookies portion of the class, but it will also consist of bread and roll baking, which I've been wanting to learn for awhile but just haven't found the time to try, practice and master.

My "uniform" consists of some awesome black and white checkered pants (they are like three sizes too big even though I purchased the smallest size, I feel like MC Hammer, but we can talk about that later), an apron, a chef hat (totally sweet!) and a coat with my name embroidered in it! Very official. Also, I am now the proud owner of a 29 tube decorating kit!!! Ahh! It came in this baking kit with a lot of other fun toys like knives, levelers, scissors, brushes, and a kitchen timer. Stuff like that. I'm so antsy- I want to use all of it RIGHT NOW!!

Nothing too exciting about this post, but I do plan on regularly blogging about what is going on in class (hopefully!). I also have some exciting cake pop news to catch up on! ;-) Hopefully my first day of classes will set me at ease, and I will just continue to be excited and less nervous, so I can stop stress eating! Either that, or I will become more nervous about the semester, start stress eating in overtime, and then start eating everything I bake too. Either way, it will be super! Ha!

Excited to report on the first day of classes and what the semester awaits!


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