Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cake Pop catch up.....Beer Mug 21st Birthday Pops!

Obviously, I have some baking school catching up to do! The first week and a half has went well- we started with pies and are currently on doughs. I've been taking pictures of things I've baked and will chit chat more about that in the week's end.

First, I have been putting off some much needed cake pop updating. A co-worker was in need of some beer mug cake pops for her brother's 21st birthday....this is what developed between the two of us in my tiny kitchen....

Cake popping with company is like a gazillion times better than alone. It was also awesome because the pops were brought over to my house ready to be shaped and dipped. My favorite part! These were super fun to make- we used preztals for the mug handles, gave the mugs texture with toothpicks before the candy set, and made the beer extra foamy with white sprinkles. And it's always a lot more fun when someone is there with me making them, so I don't need to squeal with delight after every one I make, by myself...

Honestly, give me something to make, and there will be a way to create it. I love it. I can't get enough.

Lucky for me, there are lots of things in the queue! Including these I just found...for real? Could it get any cuter? And seriously, how am I just discovering this for the first time now?

Also, how hilarious are these? These will be in my possession. Soon. Fun will be had by all.

Except that I think mustaches are kind of creepy. Maybe in cake form they would be less so? Only a whole lot of sugar will find out!

Okay....let me know if you need some mustache cake pops. But who wouldn't need these? Otherwise, I'll be back soon with more updates!


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  1. I just bought some mustache chocolate molds a few months ago! I saw them and could not resist! I can't want to make them.