Cake Pop Designs

    Bills Tailgate, Fall 2010- the first public cake pop appearance!

Christmas 2010, Reindeer Pops

Christmas 2010, Christmas Tree Pops

Christmas 2010, Cookie & Cake Pop Platter

January 2011, Birthday Cupcake Pops

February 2011, Birthday Cupcake Pops

March 2011, Ladybug Pops

Easter 2011, Chick and Bunny Pops

Easter 2011

Spring 2011, Sabretooth Pop

Spring 2011, Sabres Playoff Pops

May 2011, Mother's Day Pops, Flowers and Ladybugs

July 2011, Patriotic Pops

August 2011, Pirate Birthday Pops

September 2011, Buffalo Bills Pops

September 2011, Buffalo Bills Helmet Pops

October 2011, Halloween, Jason Mask Pops

October 2011, Owl Pops

October 2011, Owl Pops
November 2011, Thanksgiving Turkey Pops
December 2011, Baby Shower Monkey Pops

December 2011, Christmas Cupcake Pops

January 2012, 21st Birthday Beer Mug Pops

January 2012, Birthday Cupcake Pops
Teddy Graham Pool Party Pops, Summer 2012

Watermelon Cake Pops, Summer 2012

I dyed the cake red and added chocolate chips inside for the watermelon pops.

Summer Cake Pops Arrangement 2012
Baby Shower Cupcake Pops, September 2012 (Boy or Girl?!)

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Cake Pops, September 2012
Halloween Mummy Cake Pops, October 2012
Dracula, Frankenstein and Mummy Halloween Cake Pops, October 2012

Pumpkin Cake Pops, October 2012
Pampered Chef Party Cupcake Pops, December 2012
Turkey Cake Pops, Thanksgiving 2012

Christmas Cake Pops, December 2012
Christmas Tree Pops, 2012

Penguin and Santa Hat Pops, 2012
Penguin Pops, January 2013
Monkey Baby Shower Pops, January 2013

Valentine's Day Cupcake Pops, February 2013

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