Thursday, November 29, 2012

A week later and still giving thanks....

Thanksgiving was relatively quite, baking wise. Just whipped up some things I have been practicing- apple pie and a pumpkin roll, along with the usual Thanksgiving suspects, my cute little turkey pop dudes! They are one of my favorite pops to make!

I used chocolate candy wafers this time around from the bulk section of Wegmans, and it was seriously perfect. Covered the cake pops and hardened so much nicer than any Merkens or Wilton brand I usually used. Wish Wegmans carried a larger variety of colors- may need to inquire where they get them from!

I hope everyone is continuing to give thanks for all the wonderful things in their lives, especially in lieu of the holiday season! So much to be thankful for (and a good reason to celebrate with sweets)!

Christmas cookie baking, here I come! 


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