Friday, October 5, 2012

The first pie of autumn

Apple pie!!! JP and I went apple/pear picking in his friend's Buffalo backyard a few weekends ago. I wanted to get some pie making practice under my belt before the holidays, so I whipped up this delightful apple pie to give to his friend.

I never really dived into the pie making realm until I took classes earlier this year. Now, I'm pretty sure I could make pie dough all day, day after day! It's the only thing I prefer to make without my mixer- I love kneading the cubes of chilled butter into the flour- it's practically therapeutic!

Also, I love making the lattice crust. I'd like to get fancy and make pretty designs on the top crust. However, maybe I shouldn't make it too pretty looking though....who would want to eat it?! 

One the other hand, I soon discovered that peeling, coring and slicing apples isn't my most favorite thing in the world, ha! But I'm excited to try more pies in the near future. =o)

Tomorrow should be exciting- I'm planning on checking out a brand new Barnes and Nobles culinary store in Niagara Falls, which is part of the NCCC Culinary Arts program. I'm hoping I don't come home with half the store! Maybe I'll just pick up a fun cake book or two. Yay!

Feel free to ask me to practice my pie making skills for you! ;-) In the meantime, go eat something delicious!


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