Monday, October 1, 2012

National Homemade Cookie Day!

I love made up days like these. Who claims this day as National Homemade Cookie Day? And why wasn't it me? And why October 1st? Who has all of these answers? 

I am unpacking from moving, and procrastinating in a big way. My mother supported my move to make cookies though, despite my baking stuff being all over the place. Perhaps she just wanted to reap the benefits of the end product....? We went with oatmeal, which ended up being a wise choice. 

While in line at Salsaritas last winter, a father and his little girl were in a heated discussion about her choice of cookie for dessert- oatmeal or chocolate chip. He made the final decision of oatmeal, and his reason being was- because it has oatmeal in it, it is healthier for you. Seriously, dude? Did he have any concept of how much salt he was about to consume in the tacos he was about to eat? 

That was not the reason I went with oatmeal today. But they sure were yummy! Still some blogging to catch up on, in addition to baking an apple pie I've been meaning to make. I picked apples a couple weeks ago.....if they have been in the fridge, how long do they last?

There is still time to celebrate homemade cookies today! Have some for dinner! That's what I did! ;-)


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