Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chocolate Peanut Butter Birthday Pie!

There are a crazy amount of peanut butter pie variations on the internet. And you know what? They all consist of the same ingredients. 

And yet, some looked more promising for me to try than others, ha! 

Honestly, pictures really influence me trying a recipe. Unfortunately, I took a bunch of pictures of this chocolate peanut butter pie I made yesterday, but lost them all today.  =(  Amazingly enough, we didn't eat the whole pie yesterday, and I had a last minute chance to snap pictures of this sweet beauty! =)

I always like to find different crusts to try as opposed to graham cracker crusts. I think it's because people are just expecting that for a pie such as this, so I like to surprise. I myself was really surprised to find that there were no solid chocolate short dough cookie recipes on the internet, so I used one from class last year and rolled it out for the crust in this 8in foil pie pan. 

After the crust baked and cooled, I added something more to the crust before I spread the filling into the pan. I used some hot fudge topping (by Smuckers- I've been meaning to do homemade, but that hasn't happened yet) and spread a layer on the crust before I added the peanut butter filling. 

The basic peanut butter pie filling you'll find on the internet is peanut butter, cool whip, and confectioner's sugar. I added some vanilla to it and a little extra peanut butter than what it calls for. After popping it in the freezer for a bit, I topped it with a thin layer of whipped topping, then drizzle more peanut butter and hot fudge sauce on top. 

In a pinch, you can freeze this for a a couple hours, and then it will be ready to slice in to! 

Love! My most favorite muffin loves peanut butter and chocolate, so this is my go-to for his birthday! Happy Birthday to JP! =)

More birthday things to happen later this week! Stay turned for more blog catching up soon! 


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