Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 Christmas Cookies

Happy New Year!!! I hope this post finds you well in 2013, warm and cozy and stuffed silly of Christmas cookies! I sincerely have been missing those 4 days straight I spent baking cookies...

Italian Christmas cookie platter- Italian Twists, Ricotta Cookies, Almond chocolate chip biscotti, almond spritz and cuccidati.

I'm working on creating a link to a picture page of cookies, as I've done for the cake pops. Because everyone knows that just because it's not the holidays anymore, doesn't mean that sometimes you still don't need a delicious, comforting platter of all your favorite cookies!

The festivities began with some cream cheese cookies, which is a pastry type cookie filled with preserves (here I choose strawberry and pineapple preserves). The recipe came from my grandma.
My most favorite cookie, the peanut butter blossom! Always a mistake not to make a double (or triple!) batch.
Grabbed this ginger cookie recipe from my #1 muffin at my Christmas cookie swap! Smaller and less chewier than hers, I'll work on perfecting the deliciousness for next year.  ;-)
Grandma's sugar cookie recipe here. Always a crowd pleasure! The delightfulness of my airbake baking pan bakes a perfect cookie every time!
Strawberry preserve thumbprints here. Melted in my mouth shortly after getting out of the oven- the chopped up peanuts and strawberry jam are a perfect pb&j moment!
Only the beginning, the first tins of cookies to be delivered!
Grandma's Italian Twist cookies came next, decorated with a buttercream recipe from class.
Followed by more decorated sugar cookies.
My first "out of class" attempt at biscotti. I went with almond chocolate chip. Would love to make again soon!
Almond spritz cookies, made with my electric cookie press. Totally fun to make these, but a tad bit of work!
Speaking of a cookie that takes some work, the Italian cuccidati was last! Imagine fig newton-y. Not for everyone, but definitely for meee! =)

The cuccidati were for an order, as well as the Italian cookie platter at the top of this post. I'm already looking forward to next year and what other cookies I can add to the mix!!

So much to look forward to in 2013, so many baking intentions I have! Excited to see what my next baking year holds! Thanks so much for reading my blog, and for your baking business- it brings me so much joy in my life! 


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